Thursday, 30 June 2011

The Footyball News: A Footyball Player Is A Homophobe

"The party had a pink theme to it and therefore everyone was wearing something pink and everyone was wearing pink.
"I walked out of the club with my friend Ben, and Kim was sat on some steps outside a building I know has a media company inside it.
"I had been there for five or 10 minutes when I saw three or four lads.
"I heard one of them say 'Is it sloppy seconds then boys?'
"I cannot recall who said this, Ben and I just shrugged it off.
"Then one of the lads said the words 'Is it the poof brigade?' and made comments about us wearing pink.
"I suddenly became aware it had erupted as I saw one of the males grab Ben by the lapels of his jacket and was invading his personal space."

'ENGLAND midfielder Jack Wilshere was part of a group which hurled homophobic insults at revellers before a fight began outside a nightclub, a court heard.' The Sun
Pity she's so pretty.

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