Thursday, 9 June 2011

Julie Burchill: Sandi Bitch

"Who would have thought, when we were tots in suburbia perving over stills of Andy Warhol films, that anyone could ever make being gay look like wearing Crimplene? Toksvig does – she's that deadly dull. On the other hand, thank goodness she is. Gayness is a wonderful thing, but of all the people the good Lord made gay, I thank Him for making Toksvig and Stephen Fry gay more than anybody else I can think of. IMAGINE IF THOSE TWO HAD GOT TOGETHER AND REPRODUCED! The smugness and self-obsession of any brats they banged out would surely send the I-Love-Me Meter into meltdown..."

The famously unsmug and non-self-obsessed Julie Burchill devotes most of this week's Independent column to Sandi Toksvig making a joke on Radio 4's News Quiz; "It's the Tories who have put the N into 'cuts'."
Fagburn suspects it may have been a helpful sub who has added the rejoinder in brackets that this was broadcast last October - despite it making the front page of the last Mail On Sunday - thus making La Burchill's "topical" column slightly redundant.
She pads the column out by quoting eight whole lines of a Flanders & Swann song and then - perhaps out of habit - apropos of sod-all starts going on about Muslims.
Great stuff Julie!


  1. I like Sandi Toksvig.
    Julie Burchill is a silly twat.

  2. 'Good lord'? That made me laugh.
    Still hate her though....