Friday, 17 June 2011

Mark Carter Trial: Until Proven...

After salivating over this story for over a year, only the Guardian and the Daily Express bothered to point out Mark was found not guilty yesterday;
'POLICE officer and former Mr Gay UK wept in the dock yesterday * as he was cleared of raping another man.'
The Daily Mail's last coverage; 'Police officer and former My Gay UK [Sic] 'raped a man and sexually assaulted three others while on night out with colleagues'

* Like a girl! etc...


  1. PRICKS!!! - Mark Carter is a hero for all to see. An absolute legend! Crawl back under your stone with your sick bigoted views! NOT GUILTY NOT GUILTY NOT GUILTY!

  2. Er, That's what I said.

  3. So very glad that they found him not guilty - Mark's a fun loving sensitive person who could never have done what he was accused of. Justice has been done - time to get your life back now Mark!