Saturday, 25 June 2011

Morrissey: Political Animal

It looks like only The Daily Express took notice of Morrissey's onstage tirade at Glastonbury last night.
"The former The Smiths frontman" - for it is she - "blasted Prime Minister DAVID CAMERON during his performance at the Glastonbury festival on Friday night".
Excellent!!! What she said?
"I was very pleased to see today a bill was passed to stop animals being used in circuses. But, as I'm sure you know, David Cameron tried to stop the bill being passed. What a silly twit."
Always with the animals, Mozz.
Does she never get angry about anything else?
Okay - apart from immigration...
Well, yes Morrissey does.
Here he is talking to NME in 2007, but about a pressing issue of today; taxation and government spending cuts.
"Can we help but be annoyed? Certainly in England, everyone is taxed for everything under the guise of saving the planet. Which is pathetic, because unless cutbacks happen on an industrial level then the world will always be a mess."
It was wonderful to see ArtUncut protest at Glastonbury last night over U2 moving their commercial operations to the Netherlands to dodge tax.
But why did no-one fling a pork pie or four at the moping millionaire tax exile Morrissey as well?
What a silly twit.

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