Wednesday, 15 June 2011

The Queen Is Dead: Silver Jubilee

"I've a feeling he may be gay. I normally like them only I think he's one of the ones it's turned bitter..."

Alan Bennett, Her Big Chance, Talking Heads.


  1. Have you heard Morrissey's new songs yet (from the Janice Long session)?
    I heard them a couple of hours ago.
    Not great. :(

    One sounds like a dig at Justin Bieber types.
    With a hilariously ironic line about "crass consumers".

  2. They're on the NME site.
    But I have yet to be arsed to hear them.

  3. "But I have yet to be arsed to hear them."

    Never mind. It sounds like Morrissey couldn't be arsed to write them. :(

  4. I heard the one about the talentless singer where La Mozza gives up writing lyrics and goes "la la la la" for half of it, and the "Me? Racist! Heck no!" one.
    Stunning returns to form both.
    Return to Your Uncle form.

  5. You can say that again.

  6. :p

    It's like he's not even trying anymore. :(
    Maladjusted was the last album where he did anything that actually affected me.
    I'm bored with all the recent ones.
    Oh wells...

  7. Agreed, the music has been pedestrian for years now, but even when his lyrics are poor they're still full of his personality, these new lyrics could have been written by anybody, completely generic. :(

    To think this is the man who taught me all i knew as a teenager about fancying boys and girls. Still a racist though, and as for that NME crap....

  8. Three pound of recycled crap - thank you the NME!