Saturday, 25 June 2011

Will Young: Double Gay!

"WILL Young says his mum told him he must be gay when he put Michael Bolton posters on his bedroom wall as a boy.
The gay Pop Idol winner, 32, was "obsessed" with the mullet-haired singer.
He tells the panel on ITV1's The Marriage Ref tonight: "I had his posters up, my mother went 'gay'.
"I said, 'but I love his hair'. 'Double gay!'.""

The Sun.
Sadly only one reader's comment at the time of typing; "Well done Will !!! You must have a good taste for music. Michael Bolton is the best singer on this planet. if he was your roll model, it's no wonder you have done well in the music business. Keep up the good work Will XXX" Sylvia.
It's like a special Pop Gays edition of The Sun today or something.
'ERASURE'S Andy Bell has advised fellow Popstar to Operastar contestant Joe McElderry how to survive as a gay pop singer.'
"Andy said: "He needs to keep touring and build up a real fan base from the bottom upwards.""
And 'Elton and George end 7-year bitch'
"FEUDING stars GEORGE MICHAEL and ELTON JOHN have ended their rift - by performing together.
"The pair, who fell out seven years ago, got a standing ovation at Elton's Aids fundraising White Tie and Tiara Ball."
A reader comments; "With all that feuding and misery why do they call themselves 'gay'?"
Good call!

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