Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Brighton & Hove Gay Mens' Chorus: Another win for Fagburn here

"A 30-strong choir of gay men from Brighton has signed a £1m record deal."

BBC News.
Fuck do you really believe that?

"Round numbers are always false" - Samuel Johnson.

I think you might have to strike off a few noughts.
Still, looks good on a press release.
If you've been given a million quid - which only a retard would believe - why not give £100,000 to charity?
The music indusrty is virtually broke - does anyone really believe they'd throw a million pounds at an unknown entity who would probably have signed for £100?
"John Hamilton, who co-founded the group with Jason Pimblett, said: "Rather than being a gay chorus, we're a chorus of men that happen to be gay."
So you're the Brighton & Hove Gay Men That Happen to Be Gay Chorus?
Aren't stupid, banal clichés lovely?

Update: Yes, this was BOLLOCKS.


  1. We have already given thousands to charity over the years, and yes, believe it - we have signed a £1 million contract to Universal Records to boot. Ask / email / phone Universal if you like, or indeed the chorus direct.

  2. They've been dropped by the record company now, the album was terrible and didn't sell.