Monday, 10 October 2011

Chris Bryant: Quote Of The Day

"I'm perplexed by this smear and innuendo about 'smears and innuendo'"

Chris Bryant MP, via Twitter.
Friends were quoted in The Evening Standard today claiming Liam Fox was "a victim of smear and innuendo".
At the time of typing Dr Fox has kept his ministerial post - fuck knows how.

Anyway, here's some "innuendo" from today's Daily Telegraph; 'Liam Fox & Adam Werritty: An unlikely friendship'
While The Daily Mail leaps to his defence; 'This Fox hunt is disgraceful'
"There's something deeply unpleasant about the 'Fox hunt', as the pursuit of Defence Secretary Liam Fox over his working relationship with former flatmate Adam Werritty has been dubbed in Westminster.
"It's a campaign based more on a complicated and bitter legal dispute, as well as a tide of insinuation and innuendo, than fact. Last night, for instance, Labour's defence spokesman Kevan Jones, responding to Dr Fox's apology, declared: 'This is a man in denial.' Why don't you just say what you mean, Kevan?"

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