Thursday, 13 October 2011

Christian Nutter Watch: Not Enough Abortions On The BBC, Complains Gran

'I'd rather go to jail than pay BBC a penny': Devout Catholic gran refuses to pay licence fee over 'deeply offensive' Jerry Springer - The Opera

Daily Mail headline.

"Wheelchair-bound [sic] Veronica Connolly, 54, from Birmingham, refuses to pay the her licence because she says she finds the show 'deep, BBCly offensive' as it 'ridicules Jesus and is a violation of her religious conscience'.
"Mrs Connolly, who was convicted last year of not having a TV licence, took her case to the London Court of Appeal after claiming the licence fee breaches her right to religious freedom...
"She accuses the BBC of 'anti-Christian bias' and a 'systematic promotion of secular values' and, as well as Jerry Springer - The Opera, Mrs Connolly also objected to the broadcaster's refusal to show unedited versions of ProLife Alliance electoral broadcasts."

Mrs Connolly claims she only watches some loopy Catholic channel on Sky.
The judge dismissed her case.
As with whenever a devout Christian is found guilty of breaking the law, Fagburn hopes the punishment will be a public crucifixion.

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