Friday, 21 October 2011

Daily Telegraph: Dyer Maker

Black schoolboys underachieving because 'academic success is seen as gay'

Black schoolboys are underachieving in exams due to a cultural misconception that academic success is a sign of homosexuality, teaching leaders claim.

The Daily Telegraph.

Oh nos!
But if you read the small print you find Adolph Cameron is the head of the Jamican Teachers' Association and was talking about Black schoolboys in Jamaica.

"Mr Cameron told the BBC: "That notion of masculinity says that if as a male you aspire to perform highly it means you are feminine, even to the extent of saying you are gay."
"But in the context of Jamaica, which is so homophobic, male students don't want to be categorised in that way so that they would deliberately underperform in order that they are not."

Epic fail!
As usual racism trumps homophobia.

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  1. It's not because they're thick: it's because they're homophobic.

    Yeah, we can sell that one.

    (Didn't the Torygraph at least used to be a respectable paper.)