Saturday, 15 October 2011

Daley Thompson: Why Sportsmen Don't Come Out

Carefree as the wind itself, he whistled the national anthem as the Union Jack was raised over Hollywood in 1984.
With delicious audacity, Daley Thompson wore a speculative T-shirt for the attention of American superstar Carl Lewis, a four-time gold medallist in Los Angeles, bearing the legend: “Is the world’s second greatest athlete gay?”

The Daily Mirror.

You may call it "delicious audacity", I call it being a homophobic cunt.
If "Olympic legend Daley Thompson" does "get the call to light the London flame" might I suggest he apologises first?


  1. You realise this pic was taken 27 years ago? It's dangerous not to contemporise history or were/are Winston Churchill, Charles Dickens, Marie Stopes and Morrisey racist cunts too?

    Seems like you are veering into classic liberal territory here. Expect more from the darkies then you can't be dissapointed.

    Julie Burchill would be proud!

  2. Yes, it says in the text this happened in 1984.

    I have actually picked up white people who have been homophobic, too you know?

    Good Morrissey gag, though.

  3. Yeah, to be fair you do. That's why I love your blog :-) Just keeping you (belatedly) on point.

  4. Just a thought: If you don't understand the context of his shirt (and you clearly don't), don't blog about it. Being gay doesn't automatically make you cleverer than thou. xx

  5. Thanks - I do understand the context.