Sunday, 30 October 2011

David Cameron: No Show

The endlessly annoying Andrew Marr interviews the even more annoying posh fuckwit David Cameron on The Andrew Marr Show.
You may have noticed it's been Bring Your Child To Work Day at cabinet office, and they've been announcing any old populist crap as policy.
Empire medals, stop their benefits, shoot Somali pirates, adoption and ethnicity, the royal family blah blah blah - has your brain turned to absolute mush yet?
So here's Andrew Marr - quite surreally - asking the prime minister about some scare story the Daily Mail made up.
Marr asked about the 36 out of 54 Commonwealth countries which "discriminate - quite savagely in some cases - against homosexuals."

"We are not just talking about it. We are also saying that British aid should have more strings attached.
"This is an issue where we are pushing for movement, we are prepared to put some money behind what we believe. But I'm afraid that you can't expect countries to change overnight.
"Britain is one of the premier aid givers in the world. We want to see countries that receive our aid adhering to proper human rights. We are saying that is one of the things that determines our aid policy, and there have been particularly bad examples where we have taken action."

Mr Cameron desperately trying to flex his modernist muscle, there.
As Fagburn has pointed out endlessly, this is about human rights, gay rights have not been privileged - as The Daily Mail keeps claiming.
There is no new policy.
But hey, let's let The Daily Mail dictate the political agenda.
This is really working for me.

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  1. This from the same political party that wants to scrap the Human Rights Act in the UK. Oh you've got to love the hypocrisy.