Wednesday, 26 October 2011

The Death Of Gaddafi: The Rape Of A Nation Starts Here

BBC News - like other British media - has finally got round to covering the story that just before he died Colonel Gaddafi was "subjected to a violent sexual assault".
Which fairly makes the mind boggle.
The Guardian online claimed; "One of the fighters who captured Gaddafi tried to sodomise him after he was captured alive".
Blimey! Really?
Both were referring to graphic video footage on Global Post who made the allegation of sexual assault two days ago.
As you can see above, what actually happened was far less - or arguably worse - than the BBC's euphemism might have suggested.
It's hard to make out exactly what is going on.
An unknown object being thrust up his bum.
Of course, it's only a "sexual assault" if you believe that the anus is a sexual organ, but that's another argument.
Global Post claim he was "sodomized with a knife".
The Guardian's print version like others thought it was "a stick or metal rod" - but their guess is as good as yours, quite frankly.
Watching Gaddafi being kicked, beaten and shot by a bloodthirsty mob, it may have been the least of his problems.
Unless, of course, you think a man having his arsehole violated is the greater crime and the ultimate humiliation.
Human Rights Watch say Gaddafi's treatment after capture and execution without trial is "a war crime that could be prosecuted by the International Criminal Court."
That's if the ICC could be bothered to prosecute some US-backed victors for once.

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