Sunday, 23 October 2011

Independent On Sunday: From The Message Boards

"Britain in the pink?
"What total rubbish, and who, exactly did your poll talk to - probably the guilt-ridden loony left who are all over these pages espousing their 'minority rules' ideas.
"Try a poll of a month ago in the UK that was much clearer: Over 70% are against gay marriages and this incessant push from a loudmouthed minority. The vast majority are conservative (with a small c), family orientated heterosexual.
"No we don't support your ideas or their cause. Marriage is between a man and a woman, aimed to grow the human race. The disgusting, depraved lifestyles of gays should be put back in their closet.
"Don't employ them, don't invite them into your home (I don't and wouldn't) - and make sure they know they are in the minority and wrong, and out of step with 'normal' lifestyles.
"Don't like the comment, you gay lovers? It's called freedom of speech, and no, thankfully I don't live in p**f loving london, or UK, circa 2011."

"Pedrowe" - writing in response to an IoS editorial, Britain Is In The Pink, accompanying the Pink List 2011.
"The poll of a month ago" he cites was a Daily Mail fiction.
Strange a moderator let this comment through - though I kind of like seeing the thoughts of homophobes who are utterly nutty and hateful published.
Probably helps us and "the cause".
And acts as a reminder that everything in the gay garden isn't rosy.

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