Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Liam Fox & Adam Werritty: Just Good Friends?

"Let it be clear that not for one second do I wish to speculate, as some have been all too ready to do, about the exact nature of the relationship between Dr Fox and his much younger friend with whom he used to share a flat paid for by the school. It is none of our business and whoever is responsible for defacing Dr Fox's nameplate by changing one of the letters in his name should be thoroughly ashamed of themselves. If CoAC stands for anything it stands for tolerance and inclusivity, although poor Mr Laws had to be sacked owing to his domestic irregularities and, let's be honest, Mr Hague was lucky to get off with a warning..."

From David Cameron, Headmaster's Letter, The New Coalition Academy, Private Eye.
NB Private Eye always like to drop hints it knows more than it can say at present...

See also Why Liam Fox is dogged by ‘gay’ insinuations, The First Post.

PS I'll post a less mental, re-sized Private Eye cover a bit later...

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