Thursday, 13 October 2011

Liam Fox: A Clearly Blurred Line

"If someone accused me of doing something against the law I might feel bound to answer it. Otherwise I would have no comment to make.
"If you start getting into that, all sorts of areas open up and I think you are entitled to a private life."

Liam Fox, 2005.

Tory Chiefs Confess To Misleading On Liam Fox
- And he 'denies having sex with pal Adam Werritty'

TORY chiefs last night confessed that they DID mislead newsmen about a burglary at Liam Fox's flat.
Party bosses admitted giving "incorrect information" that the Defence Secretary was alone when his posh London pad was raided in April 2010.
It later emerged that a younger male friend was staying the night in a spare room...

The Sun.

The thick plottens!
Fagburn's loving it that 'denies having sex with pal Adam Werritty' is in quotation marks, like it's something someone's actually said.
The closest we get is; "Yesterday he was said to have told the probe into his chum Adam Werritty, 34, that the pair had not had a sexual relationship. The denial came as he was grilled by Cabinet Secretary Sir Gus O'Donnell, the BBC reported."

That's not quite how it was reported.
Oh, and when those young lads stole his laptop and car keys from Dr Fox's flat, there was no sign of a break-in.
And Foxy Fox has form for inviting young men he's only just met for sleepovers.
And the man who was staying at his flat during the robbery appears to be someone he'd met in a bar in the City and asked back to his place.
While his wife was away.
Just sayin'.

Cabinet Colleague Condemns the Sexual Innuendo

"Friends of Liam Fox dismissed gossip about his sexuality yesterday as immaterial to whether he could do his job.
"Chris Grayling, the Work and Pensions Minister, conceded that the Defence Secretary was being dogged by rumours about his private life as he battled to keep his job..."
"I thought we had got past the point in politics though where we needed to worry about people's private lives. The question is, is somebody doing an important and capable job?"

Quoted in The Times - and most broadsheets.
Taken from Grayling's interview on the Today programme yesterday.

Sadly for Fox the press and public adore tittle tattle like this.
Deborah Orr writes in her Guardian column today; "It is dreadful, the way the word "gay" is being treated in this story like some unmentionable slur, libelous, insulting, damaging."
Actually, I can't think of any - most of the coverage I've seen thinks his assumed closetry about his exact relationship with Adam Werritty is funny.
"Silly old queen. Tee hee-hee.."
It was Liam Fox who has said being thought gay was a "smear".
Even the Daily Mail have said his sexuality shouldn't and doesn't matter.
Stephen Glover writes; I don't care a jot about a minister's sexuality, but I do object to the gay card being played in his defence
"A new and disturbing theory has arisen in the Liam Fox saga. It is that he is the victim of homophobic elements in the Press. Several commentators have suggested as much..."
But surely this is just a garbled version of unattributed "friends" of Fox saying he was the victim of a "hate campaign".
If there's a "witchhunt" it's not about his sexuality, but his politics.
Most commentators have echoed the thoughts of Allison Pearson in the Telegraph today;
"We don’t much care if Dr Fox has enjoyed some kind of tortured pash with his personal Winnie the Pooh. His private life is his own affair. But no normal person takes their best friend to work. No normal person would think they could get away with taking their friend to scores of sensitive meetings. Dr Fox has not acted normally. I long to know what the soldiers at the MoD make of him.
"Theresa May once shocked the Conservative Party conference by saying the Tories were perceived as the nasty party. Mr Cameron has done a great deal to shift that perception, but if he doesn’t sack Dr Fox soon, he will earn an even less desirable label: the weirdos’ party.
"Dr Fox claims he is the victim of smear and innuendo, but, like Jane Austen’s Henry Crawford, it seems he can feel nothing as he ought. He has demeaned the reputation of his office, yet insists that the fault is not his own. It’s the temerity of the Werritty case that astounds."

"If he goes, it will not be because of security leaks or his private life. It will be due to money."
An "unnamed insider" at the Ministry of Defence, quoted in The Guardian.

It is Liam Fox who has clearly blurred the line between his public and private lives.
Here's the MoD's interim report into Liam Fox and his BFF Adam Werritty.
Hurry up and resign, you stupid old sod!

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