Thursday, 13 October 2011

Mikey Walsh: Run Run Run

“When I think of being on the run I think how alive I was. When I was 15 I would sit up all night praying not to be gay. But if I hadn’t been, none of this would have happened.
“With my first book, they put on the cover that I was a boy trying to escape a secret world, but really this was the secret world to me.
“I went on this journey to find normality. I wanted the most boring, humdrum life.”

Lovely interview in the Mirror with the lovely Mikey Walsh.
I was disappointed when I found out the little cutie on the cover of Gypsy Boy On The Run wasn't Mikey, but a model.
But I've been assured he is a very handsome chap, so he's still on my potential boyfriend list.
(He hides his face not through closetry, but because he's still "on the run").
Gypsy Boy On the Run - book of the year etc etc - is out in papperbok next month.

Update: Just noticed you can still listen to this great interview with Mikey on the Radio 4 website. Enjoy!


  1. Hang on, I'm confused. Is this guy really on the run from and in fear for his life from his gypsy family because he's gay?

    If that's the real story then that is fucking disgraceful.

  2. That's what Mikey says, yes...

  3. Oh, the book tells how his dad put a contract ou on him, I see in the frontispiece of the book MW says he's adopted a pseudonym "to protect the privacy of his family"...