Saturday, 15 October 2011

Morrissey: A Big Mo Speaks Again

"I think I am officially ‘Mad Morrissey’ now, and everything I say must be ridiculed because that’s one way of NOT dealing with the contents of the actual comment. The Guardian is now like the Sun was in the 1970s: completely intolerant and full of contradictions. With the riots recently the media are obsessed with punishment as solution, but no-one has the intelligence to ask why the people did what they did. We live in very dumbed-down times. Everything - news media, music, music magazines - are presented with the assumption that the people as a whole are utterly thick, so therefore when I say, as I have, that the so-called royals are the most dysfunctional and unpleasant family in British history, no-one asks me why I think this. They simply print ‘Bigmouth Strikes Again’. Oh, I could go on. And do, often."

Morrissey, from a short interview in Clash magazine.
Might help if she didn't keep saying such stupid and reactionary things.
Just a thought.

• Image from 3oneseven. Your actual Morrissey autobiography is expected in December 2012 - though it is unclear whether he has actually signed with a publisher.

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