Monday, 17 October 2011

Peter Hitchens: "Hypocrisy Isn’t What It Used To Be"

"Hypocrisy isn’t what it used to be. Once, Christian preachers would thunder about the virtues of marriage and then be discovered canoodling with women who weren’t their wives. Everyone would laugh.
"Now, pious politically correct persons seek, by innuendo and hint, nudge and wink, to damage a Cabinet Minister by suggesting that he is a secret homosexual. And nobody laughs at the slimy dishonesty of it all.
"Everyone pretends to be very concerned about the ‘Ministerial Code’, and about various boring meetings in hotels which may or may not have been attended by some youth.
"They even discover, with feigned horror, that the Ministry of Defence is sometimes approached by people who want to make money by selling weapons. Gosh.
"But none of this serious, detailed stuff is the real point of what’s really being said. Everyone knows it. Nobody admits it.
"Here’s what is really happening. The modish Left know deep down that the public don’t agree with them about homosexuality. In private, they themselves may not even believe the noble public statements they so often make.
"And so, without ever openly admitting what they are up to, they destroyed a Minister they disliked for allegedly doing something they officially approve of.
"I am no friend of Liam Fox. I know nothing about his private life and care less. But I think it is a very dirty business that Left-wing newspapers, which claim to believe that homosexuality is no different from heterosexuality, behave in this way.
"It’s particularly striking that this came almost immediately after the Prime Minister deliberately teased what is left of the Tory Party by saying he favoured homosexual marriage.
"I suspect that Mr Cameron was trying to goad the enfeebled Right wing of his party. If they had reacted, he would have crushed them to show who’s boss.
"The Left – and Mr Cameron is of the Left – have done this for many years. Moral conservatives have foolishly lumbered into the trap by objecting. And so they have allowed themselves to be smeared as the cruel persecutors of a gentle minority.
"But the events of the past week show clearly that the Left, for all their noisy sanctity on the subject, are far from free of prejudice against homosexuals, and quite ready to use such bigotry when it suits them to do so."

Peter Hitchens rants away in The Daily Mail.
I imagine writing this must have made his brain explode.
It's such a textbook example of far right-wing nuttery and hypocrisy, Fagburn thought it was reprinting in full.
Many journalists speculated on the exact nature of Liam Fox's - let's be frank, Peter - bizarro relationship with Adam Werritty.
The only person I can think of who showed homophobia, Peter, was your fellow right-wing tosser Guido Fawkes.
Oh, and you.
If you want nudge-nudge wink-winkery how about this piece from notorious left-wing propaganda sheet the Daily Mail?
'He loves his wife': MP defends Liam Fox amid 'wild gossip' about his sex life after it emerges young male friend was at his flat when it was burgled.'
Or how about this one - also from the Mail;
'Like it or not, Fox will have to come out in defence of his private affairs'
Geddit? "Come out". Nudge nudge wink wink.
Or see the cutting above - also from the Mail.
It's me and you against Trotskyist entryists like David Cameron, Peter!!!
Still this crapola wasn't a patch on Mrs Hitchens all-time classic Daily Mail piece;
We Show Tolerance To 'Gays' And Get Tyranny In Return.
"If I never again had to read or write a word about homosexuals, I would be very happy..."
You couldn't make it up! etc etc.

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