Thursday, 13 October 2011

Peter Moore: Gay Serial Killer Cheats Death

Reports that the serial killer Peter Moore, who was jailed for life in 1996, has died have been denied by the Ministry of Justice (MoJ).
A patient at high security Broadmoor hospital with the same name died in July and this was incorrectly reported as being the killer from Conwy.
The error was made in a news agency report which was carried by the BBC and other media outlets.
The MoJ confirmed the reports related to another man called Peter Moore.
The Press Association said its story had been "based on incorrect information".
Broadmoor said there was no connection between it and the serial killer Peter Moore.

BBC News.

Reports such as the Mirror's 'Gay serial killer who murdered four men and tortured more than 50 dead' have now disappeared into the ether.
Unintentionally hilarious piece on;
"The reported death of gay serial killer Peter Moore is "incorrect" and a mix-up with another patient of the same name, can report."
The Pink Paper! Champion of editorial standards!!!
Dontcha just love that " can report"?
It's a favourite phrase of the Pink Paper - like they had to get security clearance to break the story of the century, and this wasn't just something they found while dicking about on the internet.
Further; "We report on the news before any other gay news service."
Which means they've run it before Pink News.
Seeing as Pink News recently ran a "news story" that was almost a year old that's hardly something to brag about, dear.

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