Sunday, 30 October 2011

Pink List 2011: All Apologies

We said that compiling the Pink List is an inexact science, and readers, in their many comments, some of which are published here, agreed. Owing to an administrative blunder too low-fi to go into, one of the most influential gay men of this century, Peter Tatchell, was forgotten. It's not as if he's had a quiet year: in 2011, he co-ordinated the Equal Love campaign which helped persuade the Government to commit to same-sex marriage; lobbied the Commonwealth to call for LGBT human rights; and successfully campaigned for an end to the blanket, lifetime ban on gay blood donors. Kindly, Mr Tatchell has accepted our apology. "I am not much fussed by my omission," he said. "It is pleasing to see many previously little-known and unsung LGBT people on the list." Nonetheless, Peter, we are sorry.

The Independent On Sunday.
They then proceed to print some of the most boring letters ever sent;
"Great to see the Pink List again, but why no Hope Powell? She took the England women's football team to the World Cup finals, and has just been appointed to lead the Great Britain women's team to the Olympics... rather influential, I'd think."
It's what we were all thinking.
Jolly hockey sticks!

• Painting of Peter by Vince Laws.

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