Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Pink News: Oops!

Pink News - Europe's worst gay news service - led with this story over the weekend;
'Video: US student tells of ‘gay cure’ torture at hands of father'
"An American student has described how he was tortured for a month by his father in an effort to turn him heterosexual.
"Samuel Brinton, a student at Kansas State University, said his Southern Baptist missionary father beat him, burned him and shocked him with electric currents..."
It's moving stuff.
And as you can see from the 120-plus comments it's also the sort of sentimental guff that really moves apolitical simpletons who read Pink News.
Squish squish. *Makes sad face*.

American blogger Towleroad picked up the story - but then quickly had to run the following apology:

Astute commenters have pointed out that the video is old, even though it's suddenly the top story at Europe's Pink News today. Towleroad covered it in 2010, before I came on board.

Wayne Besen, founder of Truth Wins Out, writes in the comments field below:

Truth Wins Out has tried verify this story for more than a month. Our phone calls have gone unanswered. We hope that the full range of facts can come to light. For example, who was the specific therapist who performed these abusive actions? We are always pleased when "ex-gay" survivors are brave enough to come foward and share their experiences. We look forward to Samuel providing further information in the very near future.

And another comment, from Ninong: "Apparently his parents accepted him after that interview because he has a picture of the entire happy family at his college graduation ceremony, May 31, 2011 on his Facebook page."

In fact this was yet another story Pink News had stolen from the Daily Mail and not bothered to check.

Well done Pink News - another winner!

PS Competition time! Can anyone tell me of a single instance where Pink News's hopeless and lazy editor Jessica Geen has actually bothered to check a story?


  1. They're fucking dangerous, Fagburn.
    Useful idiots.

  2. ... simpletons who read Pink News.

    I assume you're one of the 'simpletons' who read Pink News!