Thursday, 20 October 2011

Stone Roses: The Second Coming Of A First Rate Idiot

"I don't trust the British fascination with homosexuals. All the best heroes in England are pantomime dames, you know, Danny La Rue. From working-class neighbourhoods right through to the Queen Mother, the hero is the man dressing up as the woman and I don't trust that shit, me."
Why the hell not?
"Violence comes from Romans, Nazis, Greeks - they were all homosexual. And I've got gay friends that will back me up. I just think Noel Coward is an old tosser who got on with the Queen Mother and ... I don't think he's anything to be idolised. He's their hero, not ours."

Ian Brown, Melody Maker April 1998.
Tickets to see this drug-addled fuckwit are a snip at £55...


  1. i don't like this Ian Brown...

  2. He's a wife-beater, isn't he?
    No wonder he doesn't like men in dresses. He wants to hit them but can't cause they're men and hit back. :(

  3. I am creeped out by old men who still dress like they are teenagers from 1990 and who are mounting a cynical cash grab return because they have spent all their money (on drugs by the look of their worn out sagging faces!). No wonder his wife is divorcing him. A homophobic wife-beater? Wow ..Doesn't surprise me. He is being deliberately controversial for media attention, do not give him any more is my advice. Men of his age who display homophobia are a bit dodgy as they are not secure in themselves, which at his age of going on for 50 shows mental development issues. Ahhhh what a sad thing it is to see a worn out old gone to seed druggie dressed in a tracksuit at nearly 50. Sad old cow!

  4. Fuck he's scum.