Monday, 17 October 2011

Tom Daley: Can't Get You Out Of My Head

London 2012: Bookies suspend betting on who will light Olympic Flame after huge bets on Tom Daley

Ever wanted to find out more about the music tastes of Tom Daley?
So did we, so we caught up with our super star diver to find out what rocks his world!

What track can you just not get out of your head at the moment?At the moment that would have to be Little Bad Girl by David Guetta, it's on the radio all the time and I really just can't get it out of my head!

What was the last album that you bought?
That would be Adele 21, it's brilliant.

Have you been watching X-factor this year?
Of course I have been watching the X-factor!! I don't have a particular favourite yet but I am sure I will when the live shows start!

Do you have a favourite training song?
Nothing in particular but just general upbeat and feel good songs :)

If you could choose the music for the London2012 opening ceremony, what would it be?
I think the bongo song is an amazing song for parading into an event...catchy and fun :)

When you appeared on the X-factor last year someone pointed at you and said “boy band”, if you could choose any other band members who would they be?
It was Louis Walsh that said that, haha! I think it would be easier to just join a group that was already doing well...JLS or One Direction or The Wanted?

Thanks Tom, good luck in training!

Oh Tommy...
Hold me in your manly but boyish loving arms and say you love me.

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  1. For god's sake man, find yourself a shag!