Saturday, 26 November 2011

Alan Turing: On Pointlessness

If Alan Turing was alive today, he surely would have scoffed at people starting pointless e-petitions like this.
What's the point of pardoning him when the damage is done?
Who - actually - gives a fuck?
To show you care?
Squish squish! *makes sad face*
What will it change?
Do you think anyone takes any notice of these?
Apart from the apolitical moral retards that sign them?
Do you really think the Mayor of St Petersburg cares what some faggots in the West have voted for online?
Are you that thick that you think that our government takes any notice of them?
Or maybe they were made-up by them as another distraction from what's really going on?
Just another way to keep you in your place.
Start and sign all the on-line petitions you want - won't do any harm.
But it won't do any good.
Real change will take more than clicking your fucking mouse.


  1. so, are you saying you didn't sign the petition???

  2. Yes. I may as well have signed my bumhole for all the good it would do...

  3. I don't think those sorts of people want 'real change' - whatever that is - maybe everything is sort of okay and a petition like this makes them feel like they've done something positive and they can get on with their sort of okay lives feeling a little bigger.
    Maybe the amount of signatories will be reported and it sends out a message - maybe it'll result in a pardon and that sends out a message however small however useless to Turing. Maybe it'll make more people aware of Turing and what happened to him.

    Signing your bumhole will just hurt and make it look a bit odd. :(

  4. i advocate pretty lads being violent to older people and voluntary extermination for anyone who isn't young and pretty and mandatory extermination for anyone who isn't young and pretty and who doesn't volunteer.
    Shoes. Everyone must have shoes, it's a human RIGHT.
    Kill everyone who lives in the Wold but slowly and joyously.
    What a Wold what a Wold.
    Board games? I don't see why not...