Monday, 21 November 2011

Alan Turing: His Year Starts Here

Tonight on the tellybox, Channel 4 is showing a drama documentary about the last month's of Alan Turing's life, Britain's Greatest Codebreaker.
Turing arguably did more than anyone to help Britain and the Allies beat the Nazis, and then his country killed him.
Thanks Britain.
The programme has prompted glowing profiles in The Sunday Times - Outcast Who Gave Us The Modern World - and the Daily Telegraph.
Alan Garner wrote about Turing as My Hero in The Guardian last Saturday.
We're swiftly approaching the centenary of Turing's birth - 2012 has been declared Alan Turing Year.
There are events being held across the world all year.
His biographer Alan Hodges maintains an extremely informative website dedicated to Alan's life and work - here.

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