Saturday, 5 November 2011

Bill Nighy: A Knob

“I did join a rather glamorous gym but on my first visit to the lockers a man came towards me to say hi and he was holding his penis. And I just ... there’s something about a naked man with his penis in his hand, and all small talk leaves me; I’m not robust enough. I never went back.”

Bill Nighy apropos of nothing in an interview with the Financial Times.
The following day he asked to speak to the journalist again as he "might have given the wrong impression about a few things."

“[One] thing I wanted to correct, a small thing, but when I told you that talking to naked men with their penises in their hands made me uneasy, I want to absolutely stress it’s the heterosexuality that alarms me...
“I. Am. Not. Drawn. To. Most. Versions. Of. Being. Male. It’s the pressure of talking to another man scratching his nob. The scam is that it’s OK. It’s not OK. I can’t do the OK-ness of it. It’s not that I’m not OK – but I’m not OK.”

Now [writes the journalist] I’m quite confused. Would it be better if the man had been gay? He says it would: that what upsets him about overt heterosexuality is the aesthetic. And the showing off.

Fagburn hopes that's cleared that up.

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