Sunday, 20 November 2011

Brian Sewell: The Condensed Interview

“You have no idea how immediate, how cahzual it could be...”
“f****** dreadful”
“drunken slut”
“something of a prostitute”.
“a whoouuuer”
“my umisixlitay is one of the most important, formative elements in my life”
“I was damned for being queer”.
“And even the most homosexual of young men can shut their eyes and let it happen if it’s being done well.”
“like Diana looked at Endymion”
“sex between the old is ridiculous and sex between the old and the young is even more ridiculous.”
“I can’t say anything”
“not capable of doing anything as well as men”
“like jack russell bitches who grab something and won’t let go”.
“a man in drag”.
“And I didn’t have a little Scottish boy. The poisonous old woman.”
“Agh, my spine!"

All quotes from an interview in The Sunday Times.

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