Sunday, 6 November 2011

David Walliams: Wild About Harry

Channel Four could be found to have breached broadcasting rules over an obscene joke made on one of its shows by David Walliams, the comedian.
Appearing on Chris Moyles' Quiz Night, the Little Britain star told the Radio 1 DJ that he would like to perform a sexual act on a teenage member of the boy band One Direction.
Ofcom, the media watchdog, is now assessing whether the show broke strict rules governing the use of offensive language amid growing concerns about declining standards on television.
The watchdog and Channel Four have both received complaints, and campaigners described the lewd joke made by the children's' author as "disgusting" and "appalling".

The Daily Telegraph.

Walliams said Harry Styles was his favourite member of One Direction adding; "I'd like to suck his dick."
Amazingly the Mail hasn't express their outrage about this (yet), maybe Walliams should repeat it on the BBC?


  1. I'd like to suck his dick too, am I in trouble?

  2. Harry Styles is a child. If you take a photo of his dick (for your own, personal use) you'll be put in prison. Actually if you suck his dick and then write a story about you'll be put in prison.

    That's how this country works.

  3. Why doesn't he just go home and hetrosexually fuck his wife? Oh yeah...

  4. Yes, but thanks to the forward thinking Blair government while you can fuck a 17 year-olds brains out, if you take a photo of them in the nip you could wll go to prison.

  5. So if I get rid of the photo now, am I in the clear?