Saturday, 12 November 2011

For Peter Burton: Dear Cunts...

Please can you correct the following errors in your obituary of Peter Burton on

I am beyond bored with reading them - I am still very angry, though, and imagine this feeling may never cease.

I expected better from a gay news title owned by a company he worked for for so many years.

Well, I didn't obviously - it was on Pink Paper, a publication noted for its idea that "news" is a badly rewritten press release.

Peter is probably laughing at your incompetence, and thinking "that's the gay press today for you..."

So in memoriam, Peter...

Shall we start with the fucking headline?

"Former Gay Times editor Peter Burton dies of a heart attack..."

Apart from the fact Peter was never editor of Gay Times and he didn't die of a heart attack, it's hard to fault this.

"One of gay journalism's most prominent early figures, Peter Burton, has died at the age of 66, can report."

Why "Can report"? Why did you need permission, you thick fuck.

"The acclaimed writer and publisher is thought to have died from a heart attack."

We have the post mortem now. He didn't.

"Born in London's Hackney..."

Nope. Leytonstone.

"he began to write for gay travel guide Spartacus in the late 1960s while running a separate magazine from a guesthouse in Brighton."

None of this is true. Do you ever check anything?

"That year, Mary Whitehouse of the National Viewers' and Listeners' Association brought a private prosecution of blasphemous libel against Lemon and Gay News after it published James Kirkup's poem The Love That Dares to Speak its Name, about a Roman centurion who sodomises the body of Christ after its removal from the cross."

Fascinating, but Peter wasn't involved with Gay News at this time. You thick fuck.

"When Gay News closed in 1983, Peter became the literary and features editor of Gay Times, a position he held until 2003."

So why have you called Peter the editor of Gay Times - a position he never held?

Oh, here we go...

"Chris Graham-Bell, Chief Executive of Millivres Prowler Group – owners of GT, DIVA and the Prowler stores [Get the ad in, pimp] – expressed his sympathy at the news of Burton's death. He told "I am very sad to hear the news of the death of my old colleague Peter Burton. A delightful man and much loved person, who will be greatly missed."

Peter thought you were a cunt, mainly of you being a cunt, you cunt.

"We were talking warmly of Peter at the GT400 party on Monday night and his contribution to the magazine over many years – I hope he could sense our thoughts.
He will be long remembered."

This quote has angered and insulted all who actually did know Peter - please remove it immediately.

Your gall makes me puke.

Seriously, remove it or there will be trouble.

Peter was not even fucking invited to the Gay Times 400th Party - as per fucking usual.

After working for 20 years for Gay Times/MPG, Chris Graham-Bell, Kim Watson and Simon Topham had Peter sacked - and he became yet another MPG Unperson.

In the spirit of Peter Burton, I should just say "CUNTS!!!"

But an apology and a retraction from both you and Chris Graham-Bell will suffice.


Richard Smith.


  1. Needed to be said

  2. hear hear.
    cunts indeed.

  3. R.I.P Peter,a very decent and charming person.
    How very sad to see his obituary soiled by the vacuous comments of a petty, vindictive non-entity like Graham-Bell.

  4. Descending into abuse - "Dear Cunts", and "you thick fuck" - doesn't do you any favours. It just looks cheap.
    The most telling line is "I am still very angry, though, and imagine this feeling may never cease." Really? Never? Do you have a problem letting go of anger? What feeling(s) do we experience before anger?
    Considering you are obviously talented, a rant of this sort against poor fact-checking seems, well, a little beneath you.

  5. The only thing I would disagree with you about is that the cause of death (official) was a cardiac arrest, caused by enlarged heart.
    Apart from are spot-on regarding Millivres disgraceful treatment of Peter. After sacking him, they didn't even give him a leaving card or present. And as for not inviting him to the exhibition party...DON'T GET ME GOING!