Friday, 11 November 2011

George Michael: In 4 Letter Fury At EastEnders Gay Storyline!

Troubled gay superstar, George Michael, was accused of turning the Twittersphere BLUE last night in a bizarre outburst about popular TV soap EastEnders.
The former Wham! singer began tweeting at around 7.55pm while the London-based show was still on the air and many viewers were having their tea.
"Ok people, shock announcement coming up...
"It's official. George Michael has had enough of EastEnders. ARE THEY FUCKING KIDDING!
"Gay people deserve better than the BBC's pathetic attempts to "represent" us."
In a message addressed to the homosexual children of Britain, Michael, 48, said that he thought the East End of London was one of the best places on earth to be a big gay.
"Message to gay kids in Britain. The east end of London is one of the best places on earth to be a modern gay man or couple."
But the singer, 5' 11", SLAMMED the relationship between Syed and Christian as "insulting b*******".
“The relationship between Sayed [sic] and Christian is the most insulting piece of bullshit on British television right now.
“Insulting to the gay community, insulting to the Muslim community, and in the meantime, terrifying every gay child that is struggling to come to terms with their sexuality , and the prospect of coming out to their family, whatever their religion."
Clearly warming to his theme - or perhaps just stoned out of his box on magic cigarettes - the Careless Whisper hitmaker tweeted;
“So far, Christian has been beaten up 3 times that I can remember, and is now accused of child molestation. Sayed has been disowned and is now mistreating his partner shamelessly, presumably because he is now a confused bisexual after all."
It was, he said; “Total fucking bullshit.”
Podgy George, who recently split with his boyfriend, handsome Texan Kenny Goss added;
"Life in London is a wonderful thing for so many gay and lesbian people these days, and I know that there are gay people involved in the writing of the show but they really need to rethink their approach to gay "issues".
"They are scaring the shit out of children everywhere for the sake of drama, and it doesn't seem to have occured to them."
Michael, who hasn't made a decent record in years, said he thought soaps are HUGELY influential.
"I think that soaps are HUGELY influential in modern Britain. They should reflect sexuality in just the same terms that they reflect race and integration positively and without stereotypes. In this respect, they are failing us all."
"Spectacularly," the singer added.
But George, who was arrested for public gayery in an LA public toilet in 1998, PRAISED actors John Partridge and Marc Elliott who he thought did a BRILLIANT job.
"Last thing I want to say is that John Partridge and Marc Elliot have done brilliantly as actors regardless of the storylines.
"I hope for their sakes and the sake of gay kids in this country, regardless of their cultural background, that Eastenders gets a clue and begins to acknowledge their responsibility and provides us with gay characters that have no reason to live in fear. We do exist.
"In our millions these days, thank god. xxx"
Last night George Michael was unavailable for further comment as he'd passed out on the sofa.

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  1. An EastEnders spokesperson said: "EastEnders reflects a wide range of issues. All soap characters face their own trials and tribulations in order to create drama, however EastEnders viewers will know that this is a story about Phil Mitchell who while struggling with his own relationship with his son, will do anything to protect him."

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