Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Glee The First Time: Spoiler Alert!

The Not-So-Explicit Deflowering of Kurt Hummel and Blaine Anderson on Last Night’s Glee

Yes, Glee’s beloved gay couple Kurt Hummel and Blaine Anderson apparently had sex last night in the episode called “The First Time”—and somehow the world didn’t end.
We say “apparently” because we can’t in good faith swear to you that the deed was done.
The actors told us to prepare for a very palatable virginity loss, so we couldn’t help but hope that Ryan Murphy and Co. might throw us a bone, if you will. But what we got was milder than warm milk...

An amusing account of the long-awaited The First Time/Kurt and Blaine Finally Get It On (Or Do They?) episode of Glee which aired in the States last night, by Brody Brown at Queerty.
Before it had even aired the 'Glee Sex Episode [was] Blasted By Protest Groups'.
ie There were a few press releases sent to the US media from right-wing "pro-family" groups who always complain about this sort of thing.


  1. Any word on specific positions?

  2. I've heard it's pretty much everything.
    They'll all be Extras on the DVD - think there's much call for it?

  3. Yes I'd say it's essential to the narrative.