Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Justin Bieber: Missing In Action

Never mind the global economic meltdown, this has to be the biggest news story of the week;

"Justin Bieber knocked back allegations he's the father of a lovechild from a 30-second knee trembler with the camp night out in Belfast.
"After winning two gongs at the MTV EMAs on Sunday, he did some more high-profile work on his defence, by choosing to spend the early hours of Monday morning in gay club Kremlin" (The Sun).

A famous person has gone to a gay club - wow!
The story seems to have started in The Sun - Noted Oracles Of Truth!!! - and quickly shot its load all around the world.
Indeed, this is such huge news Google News currently has over 2,000 stories on it globally and counting.
But this wasn't just news - this is history.
America's fag mag The Advocate asked; 'Justin Bieber: Is a Gay Ally Emerging?'
So let's see a photograph of this historic moment, some snaps of the angel-faced one getting down with The Gays...
Hang on - that's odd.
There aren't any!
How unfortunate that Justin visited Belfast's The Kremlin on the one night in history when everyone in the club had simultaneously decided to leave their mobile phones at home.
What are the chances of that happening, eh?

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