Friday, 4 November 2011

King James: Long Live The Queens

I was having a stroll around Rictor Norton's website about gay history - always a pleasurable and enlightening way to spend some time.
And I came across this quote he cites from Antonia Fraser about King James.
"In sexual matters, it is generally better to assume the obvious, unless there is some very good reason to think otherwise."
I thought that was quite profound in its simplicity, so thought I'd share.
Good day.


  1. Oh bum, I've just realised it's November 5th - not a good day for King James type things...

  2. Sorry, but that's patently balls.
    If there was no such thing as asexuality, she might be closer to some kind of truth, but there is such a thing and people have often taken a lack of any kind of heterosexual sex life of historical figures to be proof of homosexuality - it's not enough.

  3. Some people are asexual, but King James certainly had a number of passionate friends, I think it's safe to assume he was intimate with...

  4. He's got his hand on his hip in that painting.
    Case closed/