Wednesday, 23 November 2011

#Occupy: Turning Rebellion Into Moneyshots

'We at Dirty Boy Video believe in free expression, challenging the status quo, and standing up to injustice. It is in this spirit that we present an open letter to Brandon Watts, the blood soaked protester arrested on the Day of Action:

Dear Mr. Watts,

We are vocal supporters of Occupy Wall Street and the statement it makes. Your energy, commitment and drive have directly contributed to the success of the Occupation movement. As I watched the police drag you away in handcuffs, your face covered in blood, I could only think, “Wow, he’s hot!” Later, I learned you were among the first to pitch a tent in Zuccotti Park, making the movement a literal occupation. The NY Daily News reports you even lost your virginity in that park. Congratulations! Dirty Boy Video has long encouraged young men like yourself to pitch tents in parks. I offer you the opportunity to perform on our website, an opportunity to express yourself and your politics freely and without censor. Working together we can create a sexy, fun platform that inspires you, be that with other actors, actresses or both. Whether you choose to work with us or not, I salute your dedication and your courage.

Andy Fair

Yes, they'll even try and turn anti-capitalist protest into another shoddy product.
Brandon Watts was badly beaten up by NYPD cops at an Occupy Wall Street protest camp at New York's Zuccotti Park - a photo of his bloodied face appeared on the front pages of several US newspapers.
The story about him losing his virginity in the park comes from a quote in New York Times Magazine and was probably made-up.

Dirty Boy Video have already filmed the first Occupy-inspired gay porn film, Occupy My Throat.
It was actually filmed at the Occupy Oakland camp.
Ah well, their cynical marketing ploy even got them a free plug out of Fagburn.

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