Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Peter Burton: 1945-2011

Journalist, author, editor, publisher
bibliophile, raconteur, bon viveur, teacher
The man who invented the British gay press - my most loyal friend.
Oh how you'd laugh if you could see what they're saying about you.

When I heard you'd died last night, Peter
I thought what I always do when I've heard terrible news
I should call you and ask you if I could come round and see you
This is the first time in half-a-lifetime you won't be there for me.


• Photograph by Mark Vessey. Wonderful Guardian obituary by Gary Pulsifer.


  1. Coincidentally, a number of us were hoping to chat with Peter at the GT 400th party in Heaven, the day he died. Nobody knew. I hadn't seen Peter for many years, but always enjoyed our long chats in the Camden Town pub near the old Millivres office.
    He worked on the first big-budget gay mag, Jeremy, around 1970, which paved the way for the next wave of mags, including my own very tatty efforts, which were nothing compared to the luxuriously stylish Jeremy mag.
    Alex McKenna - former Publisher Jeffrey, Him, Zipper, GT, etc

  2. Might have helped if Peter had been invited...