Friday, 4 November 2011

Peter LaBarbera: "Why Should The Fascists Get All The Bad?"

"The homo-​fascism is on the rise, and let’s just call it for what it is, or if you want to call it homo-​communism, because why should the fascists get all the bad?  —  the communists also wanted to shut down speech and did so. What’s happening is they’re ratcheting up what constitutes so-​called hate, what is acceptable speech, and because the media is in the tank with the homosexual lobby and will not defend our freedoms, Christian’s religious freedom, then essentially they’ve basically given a get out of jail free card essentially to the homosexual activists. They can do anything they want and it seems like there’s very little critical, media attention which would restrain them...
"Remember the left used that phrase “climate of hate”? They would say, “oh people like Linda Harvey and Peter LaBarbera are creating a climate of hate against gays.” As usual, this is Satan’s plan: the very thing they’re charging us with is what they do. They’re creating a more dangerous environment for us."

Peter LaBarbera, the in-no-way mad president of Americans For Truth About Homosexuality, Via Right Wing Watch.
The Americans For Truth About Homosexuality website is hilariously beyond satire.
Ch-ch-check it out!
Why not email them and say you are a rent boy who's been bummed by Peter LaBarbera but hasn't been paid?

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