Saturday, 19 November 2011

Pink Paper: Mind Your Language 2

In what could be a historical first, The Pink Paper has got a story no-one else has!
Mind you, it is about - a gripping readers' poll to be precise.
"The overwhelming majority of readers believe that the term 'openly-gay' is not offensive, according to our latest online poll.
"The results come after author Stella Duffy used micro-blogging site Twitter to suggest that has been "taken over by the Daily Mail" for using the phrase in a recent article..."
Duffy was descrbed as "openly gay" in an item about the Green Carnation book awards.
She Tweeted;
"UTTERLY bemused (and not a little riled) by the weird gay press and Guardian reportage of Green Carnation shortlist. 1. if the shortlist were only 'famous' authors it would really have been something to complain about; 2. Colm Toibin and Jackie Kay ARE famous ffs. sigh. and grr. "(completed weirded by the PinkPaper referring to me as 'openly-gay' - OPENLY-GAY?, what, like self-confessed?! have they been taken over by the Daily Mail? very odd.)"
[Edit: This first bit above wasn't tweeted - see Stella Duffy's reply below].
"dear PinkPaper, 'openly-gay' is as offensive as 'self-confessed'."
According to Pink Paper, 97% agreed it wasn't offfensive, and three per cent of disagreed.
(Which could mean around 33 people voted).
Dear Pink Paper - and dear Guardian - a simple rule for journalists to follow is to avoid using any word or phrase you wouldn't use in everyday speech.
Like openly-gay, gays or homosexual.
And the gay media doesn't need to continually point out that a well-known person is gay or openly gay - we all know Graham Norton is, thanks.
Just a few thoughts...

PS This story appeared several days ago, but I'm running it now in tribute to's editorial standards.

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  1. just to set the record even straighter ...

    the first 'rant' (according to PP - always a nice way to shut someone up, telling them they're ranting!) you quote here wasn't tweeted, as you can see it's rather more than 140 characters! It was, in fact, on my facebook page. Which means, given I have fairly stringent privacy settings, that it was lifted from said page, by a facebook 'friend'. Lifted from a private page. Which I find enormously interesting.

    The second bit, shorter bit, yes, that was tweeted.

    Still, at least we can get back to some real news now, like attacks on gays in Russia, and 'corrective' rape against lesbians, young LGBT being bullied ... you know, things that actually matter.

    all best,