Sunday, 20 November 2011

Sir Cliff Of Richard: Mind Your Own Business

'The buried aggression keeps surfacing. The compulsion to hit journalists stems mainly from our “impertinent” inquiries into his private life, which often focus on his relationship with a priest, John McElyn, who lives and travels with him. “If I was gay, of what business is it of anyone else?” Yes, but surely there are many gay people who would appreciate a man of Cliff’s stature coming out, if indeed he is gay, I say. “I may well be gay. But supposing I am and I don’t want to talk about it? I have every right as a human being not to.”
'I’m confused again. Is this an admission? Or a poor choice of words. “Do you feel like hitting me?” I ask.
'“No. No I don’t.” he says..."

Interview in The Sunday Times.
Earlier this year Cliff came out in favour of gay marrriage on Woman's Hour.
Whatever next!?

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  1. What would happen if Cliff Richard came out?

    A few dozen bigoted grannies who liked him in 1970 would publically smash his albums - and invite the BBC to film it. Pundits would compare it to Quran burning.

    Professionally gay journalists would pretend to care, asking why it took so long.

    (Captcha: "Dacked". Being docked and fapped at the same time.)

    Different professionally gay journalists would proclaim it as a great leap forward for something or other.

    A week later everyone'd have gone back to not caring. Or indeed remembering.