Friday, 25 November 2011

Terence Davies: Happy Talk!

“Being gay has ruined my life! I hate it. I’ll go to my grave hating it. Which is why I have been celibate. One-night stands are not for me. I was not good looking. I did not have a good body. Nobody was interested when I was young. Now I am old. I am still not good looking. I know what I am. I will always loathe it. It has killed part of my soul.”

Terence Davies interviewed in The Irish Times.
Funny, you'd never guess he had such a bleak view of gayery from his fillums...
Ooh look! She's got one of those websites!


  1. None of the reasons he states for hating being gay have got anything to do with being gay.
    The idea that if he was straight then not being good looking or having a good body wouldn't matter and he'd be happy and shacked up with some woman is nonsense.

  2. You 'eard 'er - LIGHTEN UP TERESA!!!