Friday, 20 April 2012

Bradley Manning: Please Give Generously

Over $11,100 of the needed $14,800 has already been pledged!
We have until 4pm Pacific / 7pm Eastern today (Saturday, April 21) to raise the last $4,000 needed to place twenty-one “Bradley Manning: Whistle-blower” ads in the DC Metro subway system, that will coincide with Bradley’s next hearing at Fort Meade, Maryland, which begins April 24. Donations can be made via the EpicStep campaign site, or directly through the Bradley Manning Support Network.
There are two ways to support the campaign, either by making a donation on the EpicStep Ad Campaign website, or by donating directly to the Bradley Manning Defense Fund. 
Last day to raise $4000 to place 21 ads on the DC metro coinciding with Bradley’s next April 24th court appearance. Help bring Bradley's case to Washington.

PS You can watch the National Theatre of Wales play The Radicalisition Of Bradley Manning live onstream tomorrow here.

 Dunno why but this has made me quite tearful today.
If the US wasn't mad they'd've given Bradley a medal.
But if the US wasn't mad they wouldn't start so many stupid fucking wars.
What a world! What a world! 

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