Monday, 9 April 2012

Chwaraedy Newydd: The Radicalisation Of Bradley Manning

The Radicalisation Of Bradley Manning - a National Theatre of Wales production - begins a series of performances in Welsh schools on Thursday April 12th.
You can also watch performances live online. 
Blurb! "National Theatre Wales’ much-anticipated political production, The Radicalisation of Bradley Manning, will be performed on two platforms – live on stage in schools across Wales, and in a live stream via an interactive website.
"Written by Tim Price, and directed by the company’s artistic director, John E McGrath, this multimedia production tackles one of the most important political and digital stories of our age, and will bring that story to both local and global audiences.
"Bradley Manning is the 24-year old US soldier accused of releasing 250,000 secret embassy cables and military logs from the Iraq and Afghan wars. After nearly two years in prison without charge, Manning now faces a court martial, accused of crimes that could mean life in prison. But just a few years ago, he was a teenager in west Wales. How did this happen? And who is responsible for his radicalisation?
"Some performances of The Radicalisation of Bradley Manning will be live-streamed on a dedicated website. Alongside this live stream, the site will host hyperlinks to websites, videos and articles referred to in the script, and a live comment stream to which the audience will be encouraged to contribute. The site will be free to view and only available live alongside the stage performance..."
If you want to watch a live-streamed performance online - the first one's on Saturday - you have to sign up here
There's a Guardian interview with author Tim Price and a blog thingy here.
Wonder if they'll bring the play to England?

  I understand Chase Madar's book The Passion Of Bradley Manning is now shipping. This should be good, and I'll review presently.

PS Bradley is back in court for a hearing on Thursday April 24th.

PPS Excerpt from The Passion Of Bradley Manning

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