Monday, 9 April 2012

The Daily Mail: Homophobia Is Gay

'Homophobes could be attracted to people of the same sex but are not admitting it to themselves, a series of psychology studies has found.
'Researchers in New York, Essex and California say they've found evidence that gays and lesbians remind homophobes of themselves - which is why they develop an intense aversion and fear of them.
'They claim homophobic people tend to repress their true sexuality as they've often been brought up in families where being gay is not acceptable...'

Of course there is no irony AT ALL to be found in The Daily Mail running this story.
No sirree!
This is a theory that's long been popular with many gay men, mainly I suspect because it's comforting and funny and annoys the fuck out of homophobes.
Every gay blog or website I've seen has greeted this with a jubilant uncritical cry somewhere between "Eureka!" "Hosanna!" and "GOTCHA!"
"See! Told you so..."
Of course many homophobes are closet cases, but it seems simplistic and reductive to try and universalise it, or even to argue it explains most cases.
I'll wager most hate-filled anti-gay bigots is just hate-filled bigots with no real back story beyond their own colossal cuntery.
Richard Littlejohn springs to mind.
It also smells like Lysenkoism.
Tropfim Lysenko was Stalin's favourite scientist.
He was also a complete fraud who would twist research and invent "findings" to reach predetermined conclusions that suited the prevailing ideology.
You may have noticed that scientists often manage to "prove" what they set out to do.
Just as people tend to uncritically accept research that confirms their own prejudices (pun intended).
Whatever, have a look at the best-rated posts under the Mail's article; the very idea has driven some readers MENTAL.
So I guess there must be something to this.

You may also enjoy which counts the "days since the last prominent homophobe was caught in a gay sex scandal", and lists prominent anti-gay American politicians and preachers who've been caught with a metaphorical or literal dick in their mouth.
Also here's a 'Top 15 Anti-Gay Politicians Caught Being Gay' from
It's American again, I may try and do one for the UK...


  1. How on earth can you be sure Richard Littlejohn isn't just another closet case? What would be the point in having a wager with you if you're not prepared to accept the evidence?

  2. You haven't answered my question about Richard Littlejohn.

  3. I can't be sure either way, that's why I used the word "wager"...