Thursday, 26 April 2012

Daily Mail Privacy Trial: Homophobic, Moi?

'Daily Mail columnist Amanda Platell yesterday dismissed claims that the newspaper had been homophobic in its coverage of former Cabinet Minister Chris Huhne’s lover.
'She told the High Court that she found it ‘hard to believe’ that Carina Trimingham had been distressed by descriptions of her as being a bisexual and ‘jokey references’ to her appearance.'
Miss Trimingham, 44, who was in a civil partnership when she started her affair with Mr Huhne, is suing over what she describes as ‘crude and demeaning stereotypes’ in newspaper stories about her sexuality.
'She accuses Associated Newspapers, parent company of the Daily Mail and Mail on Sunday, of misuse of private information and harassment in 65 articles, including references to her size, having spiky hair and supposedly wearing Doc Marten shoes.
'But Miss Platell said: ‘To be accused of being homophobic or having written things that are homophobic is one of the most offensive things you could say to me.'

The Daily Mail

Get ready for the punchline - it's a cracker.

'She said one of her closest friends is fellow Daily Mail columnist Andrew Pierce, who is gay.'

Richard Littlejohn wrote a piece his Mail column at the same time that was strikingly similar in tone, language, smears and bile - the Mail ran eight about Trimingham in eleven days.
Here's a little background to the case.

PS Also loving the Compare & Contrast photos the Mail used - above - of the gorgeous, pouting Miss Platell and Carina Trimingham.

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