Sunday, 29 April 2012

David Cameron: Buggered?

'Most of the public may not be following every seedy twist and sleazy turn of the Conservatives' relationship with the Murdoch empire with the same fascination as politicians and journalists – the government is rather relying on the hope that they aren't. But if all the public takes away from it is that ministers bent over double to lubricate the commercial ambitions of a hugely rich man – hoping, in the process, to serve their own electoral interests too – that is quite damaging enough.'

Andrew Rawnsley, The Observer.
Have I just got a dirty mind or is this alluding to what I think it does?
If so it's not the first time the "buggered" metaphor has been used against David Cameron recently.
Maybe it's a public school thing?
The mind positively boggles

PS And here's a Steve Bell cartoon from 2010 of Cameron about to do some buggering. The good old days?

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