Sunday, 22 April 2012

David Cameron: Limp-wristed

"Let’s take a leaf out of France’s book. When it suits them they ignore Strasbourg and put terror suspects on the next flight out. David Cameron, limp-wristed as ever when it comes to Europe, bleats: “I sometimes wish I could put Qatada on a plane and take him to Jordan myself.”

Leader in The Sun.
After The Mail another homophobic link which has strangely disappeared...
Hi, sorry I haven't really done today's papers, but I needed some time off.
And sometimes trawling through a world of stupidity, lies, hatred and hypocrisy just drives me mad (der).
It's like my last boyfriend used to say; "No wonder you're so depressed if you keep reading all this."
Or maybe it's just cause my wrists are too limp?

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