Monday, 30 April 2012

David Furnish: He Has A Dream!

At last! David Furnish has spoken out for gay marriage.
To be honest, I was never quite sure which side Mr Furnish was going to be on until now.
Yes, it is a "civil rights battle", and you, David, you are our Martin Luther King.
I can see the entire population of the world literally being swept along by the sheer power of your awesome rhetoric.
We might as well all go home now, boys - this baby's in the bag.

PS 'A gay music festival set to be headlined by SIR ELTON JOHN in London this summer has been called off...' Daily Express. Apart from the fact that Pride House wasn't a music festival and Elton John wasn't going to headline, it's hard to fault this story.

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  1. "Elton's partner compares struggle to race equality."

    As has every arse bandit since the stonewall riots, this is not NEWS! Bloody press...