Saturday, 28 April 2012

David Starkey: Carry On Digging!

'The television historian has used the first anniversary of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s wedding to question whether a member of the Royal family would ever marry someone who is black or Asian.
'Asked whether a prince who was homosexual would be morally obliged to “come out”, he says: “No, unless you’re going to argue this notion of a representative Royal Family; therefore, we have a survey which says that X per cent of population is gay. Right, you’re the gay one. X per cent of the population is Indian. Right, you go off and get the girl in the sari. Do they have to send out an order? Harry, find a black!”

David Starkey quoted in the Telegraph
Oh do fuck off, deary, you silly old Tory.
Will no one rid us of this tiresome gay prick?
And that's one of your actual historical royal quotes.

Image, 'The David Starkey Story: When Flounce and Crazy Right Wing Opinions Collide', from the blog Questionable Time


  1. His comment doesn't even make basic sense. The answer has nothing to do with the question.
    The more he goes on these days, not only does he come across as more right-wing and bigoted but you realise just how fucking stupid he is.
    Maybe this is all he's worth now.

    1. The quote doesn't seem to exist in connection to anything else, too.
      It's not from an interview, as far as I can tell.
      It's like a disembodied pool of mad bigoted dog sick floating in the ether.
      If you ask me...