Sunday, 22 April 2012

Father McVeigh: In Defence Of My Fellow Wankers

"An investigation into how a Catholic priest accidentally showed gay porn images to primary school children [It was a parent's meeting, as they say below. Bizzare - FB] has proved “inconclusive”.
"The probe was launched last month after Fr Martin McVeigh projected the images on to a screen during a meeting for parents in Pomeroy during a presentation at a school in Co Tyrone.
"Parents said 16 indecent images of men were displayed during a Powerpoint presentation.
"The priest said he had no knowledge of the offending imagery and did not know how the material came to be on a memory stick plugged in to his laptop computer..."

Belfast Telegraph.
Everyone's had a good laugh about this episode - now descending into farce - as indeed I did.
Tis funny admittedly; "I have no idea how they got there... oops, I've had the laptop stolen!" etc.
I know nothing about Father McVeigh beyond this story.
I've tried to find if he's said anything about The Gays, but have found nothing - I don't think it matters.
Nor do I really know exactly what happened and why.
But whatever, I think all our lives are punctuated by massive fuck-ups and I'd hope people can find the generosity to forgive other peoples'.
It's now becoming ever more ridiculous - looking like the Catholic Church is covering up sexual shenanigans it professes to condemn... yet again.
But a man watching porn - as almost all most men do - should not be a source of guilt or shame.
Though his Catholic Church is quite big on guilt and shame.
Forgive him his sins - cause they're not sins.
If he liked watching pictures of hot dudes' with big cocks doing it, so what, that is surely no reason to put him on suicide watch. 
Since when did wanking become a crime?
Happy Sunday.

PS Fagburn was, I'm pretty sure, the first to write about this, outside of the Northern Ireland press - a story that then went global. I'm not a news site, but it's a bit embarrassing if I'm covering stories like this first when I do it as a hobby, not a job.
Me! Me! Me! ME!!!! etc

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