Monday, 23 April 2012

Gareth Williams: Still No News

MI6 Spy Gareth Williams Complained Of Friction At Work, Inquest Told

Sister says Williams disliked office culture and had been due to return to GCHQ one week after his body was found in holdall
'Gareth Williams, the intelligence worker found dead in a padlocked holdall at his London flat, had requested a transfer from MI6 and had been due to move one week after his body was found, an inquest heard...
'Describing her brother as someone who was happiest "in the mountains" and engaged in outdoor pursuits, Subbe said: "He disliked office culture, post-work drinks, flash car competitions and the rat race. He even spoke of friction in the office."'
The Guardian.
Well you don't often hear of people who work in offices complaining about their job, do you?
In fact, I think this may be a first.
I imagine, like so many of us members of the disgruntled community, he thought; "Well, I'll zip myself up in a sports bag and have a stranglewank, that'll learn them."

As before Fagburn has two words to say on this... Occam's Razor.

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